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Chapter 39

  • Avilla's pov.
  • Things were moving smoothly now, Rohan was the perfect gentleman and he bought me lunch in school and he often too her on dates. He called them friendly fun and she rolled with it.
  • She was happy and he was happy too, she noticed some other attributes that drew her closer to him. It was really amazing. She has been hanging out with Camilla who was over the moon that they were finally together and finally she would have Avilla by her side for a long time.
  • Camilla knew that they were okay being what they were now but it was getting really hard to ignore the signs that Rohan didn't want to push the connection further. He keeps holding her at arm’s length, he keeps saying they are friends and they are having fun but it seems that's all he wanted to do.
  • She has tried so many times to approach the topic about them being serious but he always evades it like it doesn't matter, she has talked to Camilla about it and she said it was nothing.
  • Werewolves don't believe in being serious with their mate when they know that they have that person for life. I understood that but he wasn't making efforts to strengthen their mate bond as it is. She was ready for this but it appears that he wasn't and that he was still doubtful for the fact that she is human.
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