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Chapter 24

  • Today marked it a week since it happened, I decided that I have wasted enough time. I won’t waste my time mourning over him, my wolf hasn’t left me and seeing as I haven’t died. I am determined to live without a mate.
  • I was still not ready to go to school and face him but when I eventually go, I was going to show him that I was okay with his decision and it wasn’t going to stop me from living my life.
  • I used this time at home to paint and let my wolf run free, shifting doesn’t hurt as bad as it did when I first shifted. I and my aunt were hung out more because she took time off work to take care of me. I appreciated her for what she did.
  • Camilla also comes with my school work to check on me and we hang out till she is ready to leave, I remember the day she came and met me on my bed and my reaction to her big news.
  • “Rohan told me what happened and don’t worry I kicked his ass” she said leaving me shell shocked with my jaw hanging open.
  • “You did what?!” I asked her with a high pitched voice
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