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Chapter 23

  • I drove to school in a somber mood, it was a far cry from what I was feeling earlier before I got my parents’ gift, it was sweet of them to prepare my gift even if they were not going to be here for my eighteenth.
  • I was never removing the locket from my neck, I saw it as the piece of them they never left behind and it showed that they were always going to be here for me no matter what.
  • My eyes welled up as I thought of them again, I quickly switched my thoughts to that of a happy one, I thought of my dream and that brought an instant smile to my face.
  • The smile on my face remained there till I got to school, it would weird if I walked in with a weird smile on my face, it would creep people out and they would worry for me.
  • I met up with Camilla by the lockers who immediately noticed something was wrong,
  • “Why do you have that creepy smile on your face?” she asked me
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