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Chapter 29

  • I went home feeling very accomplished with myself, it was clear that my wolf was strong and that made me strong too.
  • We carried out the mission with no hiccups and that said a lot about how hurt she was if she was willing to do that against all odds.
  • I was happy too that I wasn't weak and it got a rise out of him. It was obvious he cared, I just didn't know why he was fighting it. I wanted to tell him that I was a werewolf but his actions proved to me that I couldn't trust him enough to tell him my secret.
  • It would make him take back the rejection but it won't take back the fact that he hurt me because he wasn't willing to fight for us. I may not know much about all of this right now but I know he just threw away the mate ship like it was nothing to him. Not caring about my feelings or anyone he was hurting.
  • He couldn't be with me because of the law and I get that but he didn't even take out time to get to know me enough to know that I wasn't human like I started out as. I already told Camilla not to say anything to him and she agreed.
  • I went back home after school reveling in my victory.
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