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Chapter 99 Don’t Sink Too Deep

  • Between Sang Qi and I, we seldom talked about love. Even when we chanced upon the topic, we always joked about it and kept it in a light hearted mood.
  • When we were together before, there might not be love between us, not exactly, but by now, what I felt towards him had gone through a drastic qualitative change.
  • Right now, looking into his eyes, I was actually afraid of admitting it?
  • I looked at him, he was the image of everything that was good. So good that I could lose myself in him, to the point that I’d subconsciously look past whatever lies and deceit he had done to me in the past.
  • I suppose in such a passionate and touching moment, I should utter my heartfelt answer sobbing in tears of happiness, but instead, I only smiled, “Yes, I love you...”
  • Perhaps I said it too easily, or perhaps it was the smile that I had, but he didn’t seem to be able to see the honesty in my eyes. He thought that I was telling a lie.
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