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Chapter 87 I Ain’t Stupid

  • My checkup was rather quick. The doctor gave his verdict, that the child was coming along fine and healthy, and slightly bigger than other children at the same stage, and asked me whether the father was taller than most in general.
  • Well, Sang Shixi was just a little shy off 190 cm, so you tell me.
  • I simply shrugged and refused to answer. After the checkup, coming out of the examination room, I slapped the small bundle of reports at Mr. Dong’s face, who had just ran back inside with a packet of chicken in his hands, and said to him, “Here, make your report to your master.”
  • He followed awkwardly behind me with a bunch of reports in one hand and a packet of chicken in the other, “Mrs. Sang, your chicken?”
  • “Actually, I think your advice is quite sound after all.” I nodded at him, “At this stage, I should probably stay off junk foods. Why don’t you take care of it for me?”
  • His expression says that he wanted nothing more than to stomp me to death beneath his foot, but he can’t.
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