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Chapter 70 Look, It’s Ho Cong

  • Sang Qi only looked at me, and snorted, “Your girlfriend slept with you last night. You want me to believe that all three of you had a good time together?”
  • How did he know that the only one with me on my bed was Gu Yuu?
  • But then again, I don’t care whether he believed me or not. I’ve said my piece to him, and that was all it mattered.
  • I grabbed my purse back at my room, then I dragged Gu Yuu out to town.
  • We went straight for the bank first. I was actually still a little suspicious and afraid that the cheque the old man gave me may not be real.
  • And sure enough, when I got to the bank and handed the operator at the counter the cheque, he saw the name on the cheque and immediately proceeded to withdrawing the cash, without asking any more questions. I stopped him and handed the operator my bank card and got him to deposit the entire sum into it.
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