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Chapter 45 You Don’t Love Him

  • I was sipping away slowly at my tea just then. The tea that that the waiter served up was Biluochun. It has a particularly refreshing taste, perfect for covering over the oily aftertaste of the meal that we just had.
  • Mrs. Sang’s words made me tremble and took a breath in more sharply than I anticipated. The surplus amount of hot tea burned the tip of my tongue, which pulsed with a faint trace of pain.
  • I set the tea cup down on the table, then looked up and peeked at Mrs. Sang’s expression. She was still smiling, the same warm and gentle smile. I didn’t know how to answer her, so I replied, dumbfounded, “He didn’t ask me, he didn’t propose to me, I don’t know.”
  • “But that’s what he told me.” Mrs. Sang also set her tea cup down. With her delicate fingers, she took a few nuts from the plate, and began unshelling.
  • She placed the unshelled nut on another smaller plate. Gingerly, a numbness spread in my mind as I looked at her as she went on about her work unshelling other nuts. Mrs. Sang slowly continued.
  • “You’re the first girl that Sang Qi was willing to introduce to me. Before I came, I imagined a little bit, about just what kind of girl you might be. I have to say, you’re a little different than how I had imagined.”
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