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Chapter 224 Gu Yuu’s Return

  • I felt around my ankle. It was warm, and it no longer hurts. Though I hated Sang Shixi touching me anywhere on my body, I must admit that he does have a way with massages.
  • Sang Shixi wiped his hand down with a warm tell, procured once again by the plump round ball of a man that is Mr. Dong. Though less of a man and more of a dog that licked up his master’s boots, I do at times wonder just where and how in the world he was able to procure just about everything that his master required of him, anytime, anywhere.
  • As he wiped his hands, Sang Shixi said, “You stay right here. I’ll come for you as soon as the inspection is over.”
  • Truthfully, it wasn’t as if I wanted to come in the first place. Yes, I do want to see Sang Qi, but I have no intention of being used by Sang Shixi as a tool for his little acts in front of Sang Qi.
  • With nothing better to do in the car, I took out my phone to pass the time, but from the lack of sleep last night and having been dug out of my sleep by Sang Shixi to attend his damned ground inspection, gradually I fell asleep again.
  • I didn’t know just how long I had slept, but when I opened my eyes again, it was already dark all around.
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