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Chapter 222 Oh, Your Skin, It’s So Pale And Fine!

  • Gu Yuu’s clothes were pink. Cherry and girly pink. She always liked chic and childish colors, and the sleeve edges were even adorned with lace. Somewhere deep inside of her, she was still a little girl living in a bigger girl’s body.
  • Though I must say, she does have an excellent sense in color combination. After wearing them on, the cheerful pink made me look even whiter than I already was.
  • Looking at my own reflection in the mirror, for the first time in my life, I cursed my pale and dainty looking skin. The disguise that the makeup artist used to give me was simply too dark, and now, I looked quite literally as if I was a different person.
  • What should I do? If Sang Qi saw, he’d be able to recognize me in less than a heartbeat. He was no fool.
  • I guess if I could somehow get myself down to the kitchen, I could probably scrape off some soot from the bottom of some pots or pans and rub them over my face, but even if I could, they still wouldn’t look natural.
  • I could only pray that Sang Qi had left already. But, unfortunately, when I slowly and quietly opened the bathroom door to a slit and peered outside, I could see that Sang Qi was still sitting beside Mrs. Sang’s bed.
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