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Chapter 22 You’re Backing Down?

  • Mr. Dong kept on blabbing before my sickbed, and after about ten minutes later, the doctor making the rounds came in, saw him, and threw him out.
  • Really, one really has to wonder just what sort of existence he is. The man responsible already came clean with me himself, and yet he continued putting up this facade before me.
  • After the inspection, the doctor notified me happily, “Ms. Xia, your fever is receding. Thank goodness you came through. Mr. Sang even suggested that we administer the anti-allergy drugs to you. I’m glad that we don’t have to, otherwise you might not still have your child.”
  • A little surprised, I looked at the doctor, “He doesn’t know that it’s bad for pregnancy?”
  • “He does!”
  • “Mr. Sang must loved you a whole lot. He was even willing to go as far as to give up the child, rather than seeing you suffer in pain.”
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