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Chapter 172 Wei Lan’s Call

  • Gu Yuu have always had a unyielding love for all things seafood. These few days, living at Sang Qi’s place, she’d stuff her face with seafood every chance she got, and it doesn’t look like she was going to get sick of it anytime soon either.
  • And today, she ordered every seafood on the menu again, as if they don’t cost money at all. Well, they actually don’t, at least not her own money.
  • When the waiter came out again with our grilling mesh and was setting it up for us, Mrs. Sang came in through the entrance.
  • Mrs. Sang’s elegance doesn’t suit the cramped and noisy atmosphere of this grill place at all.
  • It just so happened that Mrs. Sang was also wearing a green dress today, though hers was a dark green as opposed to my pale green.
  • Seeing the light in Gu Yuu’s eyes, I immediately reminded her, “One more ‘seaweed’ from you, and I will stab you with my fork.”
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