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Chapter 160 I Won’t Be Framed

  • It was the first time I saw someone accused of committing a despicable act with solid evidence, and yet still able to act as if he had every right to be angry. With his yell, suddenly everything that I planned to say was gone from my head.
  • But he does have a point. It was his own body after all.
  • If he really had done it, even if he passed out completely the night before, he’d still be able to feel what he did.
  • That night when Ho Cong drugged me, the next morning when I woke up, I knew exactly what happened to me the night before.
  • Even if discounting the obvious telltale sign of having lost my virginity.
  • I looked at Sang Qi, doubtfully, “Then what was that about going back in for another round right the next morning?”
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