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Chapter 136 Back To Sang Qi’s House Again

  • I blinked, startled, and suddenly realized that Ho Xiengu had copied me and had done exactly as I had done to her before, making a ruckus on the bed making lewd and suggestive noises.
  • I did it out of boredom, and she did it out of misery.
  • Enclosed in Sang Qi’s embrace, sleep came very shortly afterward. With everything that I’ve been through, I slept like a dead log.
  • The second morning when I woke up, Sang Qi’s face filled my entire vision. Looking at his face, so close to mine at less than point blank, events of what happened yesterday, and this past month, came flooding back to me, and only then did I began feeling myself coming alive again.
  • Spacing out, I looked at his face, lost myself in its vastness, when he suddenly opened my eyes and snatched a quick peck on the tip of my nose.
  • “How long have you been awake?” I felt more than a little embarrassed.
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