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Chapter 120 Say It Again and I’ll Believe You

  • After breakfast we continued on our way. The road that I picked got more and more difficult to drive the further we go. Sang Qi’s car could only be described as “top notch”, but as the road condition worsened, the drive towards the end was bumpy at best.
  • Sang Qi glanced at me. There was a hint of worry in his eyes.
  • “Right before when you’re expected to give birth, you really picked a fine time to elope didn’t you?”
  • “Hey, I know, if the child comes out when we’re still on the road, we could call him Rody.”
  • “Technically, the child would be born inside the car, so I think Carlie might be a more appropriate name going by that logic.”
  • “And if we were by a lakeside when he came, we’ll call him Laker.” Our mindless banters went on and on, as we laughed at each other’s lack of creativity. Though mountains of trials block our future paths, we still laughed ourselves silly.
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