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Chapter 60 Epilogue

  • Serena
  • “Ryland! Raziel! Rule! Be ready!” Aero roared as he paced in front of them, acting as game master in this friendly competition of brothers. He was dressed in nothing but trousers while the triplets, as usual, copied their father, acting as if their pre-pubescent muscles could contend to Aero’s bulging ones. The three were lined up within the yellow line, ready and waiting for the red flag to be released.
  • I sat on the stone bench outside the mini arena of Alchidna just observing them. On my lap was Scarlett, trying to shake her baby maracas to the best of her ability. She just turned two five days ago while my triplets reached their teenage status a month before that.
  • Scarlett was a heaven-sent to Aero and I. We were never sure what gender we would be blessed in my second pregnancy, but luckily, it was a female. A princess. Aero let me name her, and I used the Earth name of the Salviste Lake. The lake where Aero and I first met.
  • With golden curls like my mother’s, Little Scar had shown promising growth as the future queen of Ehnrelil, and Aunt Adna was more than happy to volunteer as her babysitter almost every day.
  • Today, though, wasn’t one of those days because Aero and I decided to bring our boys to Alchidna to prepare them in their first shifting. The friendly matches both in close combat and with weapons were some of their itinerary during our ten-day stay. This race around the mini arena was the first of the many they would undergo, and Aero was eager to guide them.
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