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Chapter 21 Dealing with the Truth

  • Aero
  • ‘Lady Georgia has it?!’ were the words that escaped from my thoughts.
  • I gripped the gilded armrest to silently express my combined anger and surprise. It was so strong that I created cracks and splinters around it.
  • I couldn’t believe I was clueless this whole time. If she has the mark then this meant Alpha Edmond has it too, but how? And...why? And what does this mean to the kingdom? To me and Serena?
  • Patience wasn’t one of my best assets if I wanted to find the answers stat, so I mind-linked the aforementioned man and asked, ‘Alpha Edmond, may I have a word with you? Preferably now.’
  • ‘Your Majesty.’ His attention, from Alpha Russel, landed to me and bowed low. We exchanged gazes, each clearly looking at the other despite the distance of our seats. ‘A pleasant evening to you. General Halcynos told me about your quest. Worry not, I am available to help you.’
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