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Chapter 32 The Maternal Truth

  • Aero
  • After finding a safe spot away from the crowded streets of Budapest, I teleported back to Phanteon, inside my chamber specifically to place all the important materials I bought and replace the ones I wanted to replace. My conversation with Viscount Daniel was fruitful. Now, I was more cautious, more alert with him and with the people around me.
  • I found the room already warm; the fireplace lit and fresh of logs, but Serena wasn’t around. I tuned in my version of a GPS in our mate bond, and there I found her already on Ehnrelil. My brows furrowed. She was due to visit the place tomorrow, but why was she there now?
  • I mind-linked her instead to get the answer.
  • “I want to know more about fae pregnancies,” was her explanation. She also informed me about the twins and Lady Hanhenna, and where they were going—to Ineri, a bathing spot where all pregnant faes were supposed to frequent in order to get additional support for their growing babies.
  • I found it weird having to rely on nature for such a sensitive case, but this was Ehnrelil. They were faes. All their beliefs and traditions were odd for me in the very beginning.
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