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Chapter 44 A Mother's Sacrifice

  • Serena
  • An audible gasp escaped from my mouth, and I raced to cover it with my hand. I heard Elijah and Adamar wince. I saw Donna stiffen. Aero himself was frozen, his eyes constricted with surprise.
  • “How dare you speak to our mother like that!” Aurora shouted, shooting daggers through her eyes as she stood face to face with Aero.
  • The latter growled and returned her glares with equal force. “You don’t have the right to talk to me like that or slap me! I am your alpha king! I hold power over you!”
  • “You are my brother first!” she cried out, her eyes welling up with tears. “And I implore you to listen. Our mother, she’s in pain too! Our mother suffered too!”
  • I held Aero’s right elbow to stabilize him. Make him feel that I was—no, our children and I—were here for him. But it seemed his mind was too clouded with anger to notice us.
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