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Chapter 45 Making Waves

  • Serena
  • The next day, Aero seemed to be back to his normal self—at least by my standards. We made love in the morning, he did his alpha king duties after lunch and we made love again in the afternoon. He didn’t open the subject about Donna and Aurora, and neither did I.
  • We didn’t need to. I could sense his fragile heart slowly mending, accepting them. He just needed more time, more understanding, and more patience. Eventually, he would fully welcome them into his life and I was certain that would happen, maybe not now, but soon.
  • Since our quest was over, I returned to my luna duties too, and this involved preparing for the annual harvest celebration of Phanteon to be held this evening. This would be my first time attending to such an event, so I felt excited about it. In addition, Aero and I planned to announce my pregnancy. I knew there were already some talks around the kingdom, not to mention my obviously growing belly, but this time, we were going to make it official and special.
  • We were going to rewrite the rules of Phanteon regarding the mating system too. We were going to bring back the old belief so that those with the crescent moon marks could step forward and confidently proclaim they were true mates. Whether the Universe or a magical moon goddess does the pairing, it didn’t matter. As long as they had the crescent marks, that was proof enough they were destined for each other.
  • By nightfall, Aero and I were at the back of the amphitheater, the one where our fake wedding was held months ago. Here, we waited for the program to start. He was sitting cozily on a sofa while I stood next to the refreshments table, fetching water for myself.
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