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Chapter 20 Father and Daughter Bond

  • Aero
  • General Halcynos remained contemplatively silent after I asked him that question. He had been my father’s beta and had served the kingdom for close to eight hundred years, so I was confident he would have an answer for me.
  • He was there at our wedding. He saw how the marks were created. He was even one of the councils who received my temper when I sought an answer regarding this but since it was Sedsah, my father’s augur, who stepped in and somehow distracted me, I wasn’t able to delve deeper about this issue.
  • Serena sat beside me and waited for her father to speak too. I wrapped my arm around her waist and kept her close.
  • “You mentioned before you came here that you wanted to know more about the crescent moon marks, Your Majesty,” he started with his hands clasped on each other. “Since then, I tried my hardest to remember any memory that can help you, but unfortunately, I have none.”
  • My brows twitched at his words. Well, that didn’t make sense.
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