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Chapter 33 Sins of the Father

  • Aero
  • ‘I’m busy, Elijah,’ I answered, almost in a snappy tone. But then, I reminded myself to calm down. It was my father and his minion whom I was angry about, not my brother. He didn’t deserve my wrath. ‘I can’t talk to you right now, but later. Certainly later. I’ll visit you in your house but please make sure you’re dressed this time.’
  • ‘Okay, brother,’ he conceded, but still, his voice was roped with concern. ‘Is Serena with you?’
  • ‘She’s in Ehnrelil right now.’ And I was glad she was because I want to sort out this mess on my own. I don’t want her to see me murder my royal augur should he try to deny me the truth.
  • ‘I see,’ was Elijah’s reply. I could sense his worry increasing thereafter, but I ignored it.
  • ‘I have to go. Sedsah has arrived.’
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