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Chapter 42 His Blood

  • Aero
  • We didn’t stay any longer inside Calahiem’s cave. We hopped realms to Earth, to Florida specifically under Serena’s lead. I was cool with it since she was with me; however, my attention wandered to the people who came with us: Elijah, who joined us when we were at Ehnrelil’s plaza where a portal to Earth was nearby, Adamar who looked consciously silent since he returned to our group, and that woman—his so-called true mate who disappointingly joined us.
  • Whatever happened between them during the time they left us, I could only imagine. But it definitely changed Adamar’s mood. With his poker face on, I couldn’t tell what he was feeling, but I was sure of one thing: this ship was a mistake.
  • I could say this because he kept on tossing the woman glances during our travel—longingly, might I add—and the woman? Hell, she returned it with glares. Sharp ones.
  • It was getting on my nerves.
  • ‘Remind me again why she had to join us?’ I grumbled inside Serena’s thoughts as we rode inside an SUV Elijah speedily rented for this travel. He was the one driving while wearing Earth clothes like the rest of us. I sat on the front seat, Adamar sat far back, and both Serena and the woman claimed the middle. It was the perfect arrangement, enough not to see the woman’s irksome presence.
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