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Chapter 91 Explanation and Preparation

  • Ethan stood then held my hand. “Yes, I think the purpose of this meeting is fulfilled. About the explanation of Constantine and Victoria’s death, it was an accident. I had never intended to kill Constantine. No matter what, he is my half-brother.”
  • I nodded. “About the death of Victoria, she died because she tried to protect Constantine. It’s because of love.” I took a deep breath. “At that time, Constantine attacked Ethan when he had already said, ‘Time-out.’ Then I pushed Ethan and instinctively attacked Constantine with the fog. Victoria ran and shielded Constantine.” I bit my lower lip, recalling the moment Victoria died. “Then, when Constantine tried to stab my back. Ethan protected me and stabbed Constantine in the process.” I looked around. “It’s self-defense.”
  • The Elders didn’t say anything afterward. 
  • “So, if you all are worried about revenge or attack from the Fire Shadow Pack or the vampires, please know that we are not the ones who made the mistakes. In fact, Constantine kidnapped my mate’s mother first and tricked our Luna. He even tried to rape our Luna.”
  • “It is true what the Alpha said. Victoria saved me at that time. But unfortunately for her, it caused her to be thrown away from the castle,” I added Ethan’s words.
  • “Then Victoria met Red and me, letting us know that Constantine attempted to rape Helena although she could save her before. She also told us we had to hurry to save her.” Ethan sighed and shook his head. “It’s all about blind ambition. If he could accept his life and live it peacefully, he wouldn’t need to die. However, blinded by ambition to acquire power, he did anything to get it, even by kidnapping and attempting rape.”
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