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Chapter 14 Anthony and Bouquet

  • ~ Helena ~
  • The following day, I prepared to go to work. I worked as a librarian in the Moon Public Library (MPL). My work time varies from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on other days. I have a day off only on Sunday. 
  • I got used to being at my workplace a half-hour before my work hour began. I wanted to organize everything before the first visitor came. Like now, I tidied the books in the politics section. Then I picked some books on the visitors’ tables. I sorted them according to the book sections and placed them on the cart. Later, I pushed the cart and put each book back on its shelf. 
  • Afterward, I checked the list of book borrowers. I was responsible for the book collections only. Though the library also had DVDs, VCDs, VHSs, etc., my responsibility was only for two categories: new books and express books. The loan period for new books is two weeks, while it is a week for express books. If any borrowers exceeded the loan period by three days, I would contact them by sending emails. I would remind them to return the books first or extend the borrowing period. 
  • It was 11.35 a.m when I finished sending the emails. At noon, the first visitor came to return the books, and I placed them on my table. I would return them later to the bookshelves. 
  • Then a regular library visitor came, and he greeted me, “Hey, Helena. How are you?”
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