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Chapter 11 Mind Reading

  • I blushed again. “No, Ethan is the first man for me. I mean, well, I had a boyfriend before, but Ethan is the first man who bedded me.”
  • Then Ernie gave a long sigh. “I see. No worries, Luna. Please eat first. Maybe our Alpha will come soon.”
  • “Okay, but you should eat too.” I smiled to see the meals on the table: corn soup, salad with a thousand island dressing, medium steak, choco lava cake served with fresh strawberries, and a glass of fresh orange juice. “Help me eat these. The portions are too much for me.” 
  • “Well, if you say so. I will take the plate and glass first, Luna.” Later, Ernie left the room.
  • I touched my neck and smiled as I rubbed the bite mark. When Ernie came back, not long after that, Ethan went to the room too. 
  • Ernie immediately stood. “Alpha, L-Luna asked me to help her eat since the food portions are too much for her.”
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