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Chapter 60 Victoria

  • ~ Constantine ~
  • Helena didn’t suspect that I approached her not for being her friend but for making her mine. I grinned. After having Victoria, interacting with Helena was refreshing. Well, both women were different, for sure. Victoria is an experienced woman who precisely knows how to please me in bed and strokes my ego well. But, on the other hand, Helena is an innocent who needs a man to introduce her to the man and woman’s world. 
  • I was sure that Ethan hadn’t mated her yet. Otherwise, Helena would be dead. But then, if the gossip was true, who knew if Helena could survive. I should touch her more to check it. If both of them had mated, her reaction would be wild. 
  • “My lord, what are you thinking?”
  • Maybe I should give her drugs again. Considering the last time she could escape. I should have planned better to ensure Helena couldn’t run away anymore. She would be mine in no time.
  • “Constantine, my darling?” Then Victoria circled her hands to my neck and kissed my lips passionately. “What are you thinking since you didn’t hear me calling you?” She caressed my hair.
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