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Chapter 19 Leave Her Alone!

  • ~ Helena ~
  • At 6.10 p.m., finally, I finished all the work. Stacy had already finished her work too. So, we were about to go home together as we used the bus as our transportation. I took my bouquet. 
  • My smile was blooming since Ethan was thoughtful and caring to send the flower. My smile bloomed as my mind recalled that he sent the rose since the color reminded him of my lips. I touched my lips with my pointer finger and smiled. 
  • “It is said not to advise those who fall in love. The quote is true.”
  • I giggled and grabbed Stacy’s hand. “Don’t tease me again. I’m happy since Ethan thinks of me. The flowers are so pretty! I love the bouquet!”
  • “Yeah, that’s what the lover says.” But then Stacy giggled too. “I’m curious to see how handsome Ethan is.”
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