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Chapter 21 A Gem and A Coal

  • ~ Ethan ~
  • I felt the touch instantly on my neck and moved swiftly and walked behind Helena. I placed my arms on Helena’s waist from behind and kissed her shoulder. “Do you call me, my darling?”
  • My touch startled Helena. She gasped since she didn’t expect me to come. “You come!” she whispered. “You are here!”
  • “Yes, my darling. I’m here.” 
  • Kenneth stared at me, so I turned Helena’s body to face me. Then I cupped her face with both hands and kissed her hard. It surprised her, but she immediately circled her hands to hug my neck and kissed me back with the same enthusiasm. 
  • I stopped and smiled. “We have a spectator here. We’ll continue later, my love.” Then I walked forward to face Kenneth. “Helena is mine. If I find you harassing her again, I won’t spare your life anymore.”
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