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Chapter 5

  • “Where are we going?” she asked, a little panicked.
  • “To the villa; our wedding party will be at my villa,” I replied. Mikaila rolled down the car window as we passed the ocean view; she looked beautiful, her hair blowing in the wind. Remember the smile on her seductive, luscious lips? I could have stopped momentarily to kiss her, but I had to endure that wild attitude.
  • Arriving at the villa, the guard greeted us in a friendly and courteous manner. Mikaila is constantly amazed by the state of this villa.
  • “All of this is yours?” She asked in disbelief. I nodded proudly, showing off mine, and we headed to the backyard where our wedding would be held.
  • “Why do you want me to quit the World of Entertainment?” Her eyes looked at me questioningly; I pulled his waist so his body pressed against mine.
  • “Soon, you’ll be mine. I don’t like it when someone else touches mine as your damn fan did,” I said, then kissed her like at Rani’s birthday party; when my kiss moved to her smooth white neck, one of my hands travelled to her body. Her front was wrapped in a bra, and Mikaila gripped my arm tightly. I seemed to lose my mind when I inhaled her scent that smelled of Jasmine; there was a sexy sigh in my ear so that my desire quickly shot up.
  • “Young Master, Madam wants you to meet her at Mrs Rani’s boutique soon.”
  • I chuckled when the villa guard interrupted our activities. I looked at Mikaila, looking down with her cheeks as red as a tomato; I smiled and then took her out of the villa to the car.
  • Mikaila POV
  • I looked at my reflection in the mirror, which showed my whole posture while wearing a beautiful white dress. I still think about Reyhan ’s sensational kiss at the villa; for some reason, I enjoyed it and didn’t refuse it. So far, I have never let any man touch my body, but when I was with Reyhan , I couldn’t move, and his charm made me sink deeper. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a man like him? I exhaled through my nose a little loudly.
  • When I arrived at Ranila’s bridal boutique, my mother and aunt Ramia were already there; they all looked at me in amazement at my current appearance. Ramia’s mother and aunt left the fitting room after we decided which dress I would wear on my wedding day; Ranila also helped me remove the wedding dress I’m currently wearing after Aunt Ramia and my mother left us alone.
  • “I don’t want to see red marks like this again when you wear this dress on your wedding day,” she snapped, which made me confused. Ranila rolled her eyes and let me look in the mirror. I was surprised when I saw the red marks on my neck that were so obvious because of my white skin; I don’t know what colour my face is now, which is clear now. I was very embarrassed; I cursed Reyhan with swearing in my mind. He casually kissed me and tagged me.
  • “I’ll warn Reyhan not to pounce on you before he becomes your husband; that child does need to be tamed.” Ranila looked annoyed; I smiled awkwardly in response to her annoyance.
  • When Ranila and I came out of the fitting room to meet Mama, Aunt Ramia, and Reyhan , Ranila quickly approached Reyhan and asked him to talk privately in the dressing room. My Mom and Aunt Ramia were immediately busy choosing wedding accessories.
  • **
  • Reyhan POV
  • “YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MIKAILA??!!” Rani snapped, which made me confused with her current attitude.
  • “Me?? Doing what???” I asked, confused and needing clarification. Rani chuckled and showed me her annoyed expression.
  • “You dare mark her while she’s not yet your wife!” Rani’s dong made me look at her without any guilt at all. Rani knows my habits very well; since breaking up with Atika, I have often been seen dating different women. Not infrequently, I do One Night Stand with the women I date.
  • “She does not-“
  • “I don’t care if he refuses, but watch out if you hurt her. You’re dealing with me and Mama and Dad, do you understand, Mr. Arrogant??” Rani looked at me with her horrible look; I nodded with a frightful expression that I made up. Mikaila managed to captivate my whole family; now, everyone is defending her.
  • I sighed when Rani left me in the dressing room; I remembered my fondling of Mikaila; I touched my lips again and then tried to remember her intoxicating scent and her chewy mound that seduced me; she was very seductive, even just thinking about it made me excited. I rushed out of the dressing room before Rani caught me daydreaming; she was like a psychic. She can guess what I’m thinking, and it’s annoying; you seem to have no privacy, even in your thoughts.
  • When I came out of the dressing room, my eyes fell on Mikaila, who was currently laughing with Rani; the girl had her charm in my eyes. She always showed her natural face and appearance as it was, except for her nervous attitude, which she always showed me like I was her first man. Still, it isn’t possible, considering she’s a famous singer, there must be a series of men who have been her boyfriend. Imagining that makes me unwilling; just seeing her fans hug and kiss her makes me feel like I want to turn into the Hulk, let alone have to see her with another man.
  • While I was daydreaming, our eyes met, and she gave me a beautiful smile before turning her attention back to the magazine Rani had shown her. I want that smile to be mine forever.