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Chapter 3

  • “We’ll go through the side door of this building,” he answered, then turned towards the side of the very grand building; there was an entrance with no crowds, only a security guard. Reyhan parked the car, got down first and opened the door for me. My body seemed to lose energy; he stretched his hand to me. I looked at his hand doubtfully, then looked up at him; he gestured for me to return the helping.
  • Nervously, I put one of my hands in his, then he grabbed it, and I got out of the car. His grip was warm, and then he pulled my waist close to his body and entered through the door guarded by security. The two men guarding the door bowed respectfully to us; I bowed as we entered the building. This ballroom is spacious, and many people, of course; this atmosphere is increasing my nervousness closer to the highest level.
  • “Reyhan ! Come here!”
  • Someone called Reyhan ; I lifted my face to look at the caller. A beautiful Middle Eastern Indian woman was smiling, and we approached the woman. When we almost arrived in front of the woman, she covered her mouth with both hands, looking like she saw an amazing thing.
  • “Oh, Reyhan , you’re so lucky,” she shouted. She came over and hugged me hard as if she wanted to squeeze my body. I gasped and was confused by this woman’s treatment; she kissed one of my cheeks.
  • “Mama is right, and you are not wrong; you have to mingle and show off your affection; I want the world to know that this handsome but stupid Reyhan will marry a beautiful girl with a golden voice.”
  • I held back my laughter at this woman’s comment. How dare she say Reyhan is a stupid man? She must be someone very close to Reyhan .
  • “Ranila! Come here!” someone called, and the woman before me turned around. I also got an explanation out of my curiosity. So this is Reyhan ’s sister; I didn’t expect her reaction to me like this. I was nervous because I knew what Reyhan ’s family was like, wealthy and classy, while I wasn’t included in that list. I am a singer, but my fame is not comparable to Reyhan and his family. The woman called Ranila said goodbye before leaving us to approach a handsome man; they kissed for a moment before embracing each other. I’m guessing it must be her husband.
  • “Would you like something to drink?” I turned to look at Reyhan , then nodded, smiling; I was thirsty now because of my excessive nervousness. My Inner Goddess fanned her face with her hands; her nails were red, and several people in this room stared at us, making me nervous.
  • “Follow me,” he said, combined with an order; he bent one of his elbows, and I looked at him confused; he motioned for me to take him; hesitatingly and shyly, I took his arm and walked to the dining table.
  • “What do you want to drink?” He asked again. I looked at the stemware, filled with red and clear liquid; there was also a dark blue. I know it’s wine, but I don’t drink alcohol.
  • “I don’t drink alcohol,” I refused; I formed my lips in a straight line. Do I have to die of thirst during this party?? That’s ridiculous; I don’t want to be in the news with the embarrassing topic ‘Our newcomer singer Mikaila Alexandra was found dead of thirst at a party’. My Inner Goddess looked disgusted at what I had just thought of while my senses spat forcefully to the side as a sign of humiliation and repulsion. I saw Reyhan take a glass filled with orange liquid; I think it was orange juice. He also handed me the drink; I immediately breathed a sigh of relief when I smelled the citrus aroma from the drink. Thank God I’m not dying of thirst here. When I drank my juice, I looked at Reyhan , who was also looking at me with his eyes that managed to make my heart skip a beat. Can this man not look at me like that?? There were many things in this room that he could gaze at and that were more interesting.
  • “Excuse me, are you Mikaila Alexandra?” asked someone who cut off our stares. I took the glass away from my lips and turned to look at the questioner; I nodded and smiled. A rather handsome man, a fan(?) I was a little proud but turned disappointed after he said who he was.
  • “Hi, we’re in the same management now; my name is Ariel,” he explained, then reached out to me and shook it for a few seconds.
  • “Hi, Ariel, nice to meet you,” I replied, trying to be friendly. Ariel turned to look at Reyhan and greeted him; Reyhan smiled lightly, and after talking for a while with Reyhan , the man left. The man seemed familiar, but I did not think about it any further.
  • “Want to dance?”
  • Reyhan turned my mind; I looked nervously at a group of people dancing with their partners near a group of musical instruments in the corner of the room. I nodded weakly, and then Reyhan grabbed my hand and held it; I followed him to dance. He put his hands around my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck. My face must be blushing; my cheeks feel hot, and we move slowly left and right.
  • “Have you ever danced before?” I know he’s trying to make small talk; I’m currently looking down at him. Oh, God! Really! He is very handsome.
  • “Never,” I whisper, embarrassed but honest.
  • “Really? With a man not, though??” Reyhan looked disbelieving. I smiled shyly and shook my head; how ignorant I was. We stared at each other in silence. I was lost in his golden net, and unexpectedly, he kissed me; oh no! He took my First Kiss right here in the crowd.
  • At first, I was surprised; when he teased my lower lip, I was lulled and returned the kiss with a movement that I knew was very amateur. It was so sudden and intoxicating; his hand pulled my waist so it pressed against his body, and one of his hands pressed against the nape of my neck to deepen our kiss. I felt a strange sensation, flowing like water, vibrating me from within and reacting to my groin.
  • “Do you guys want just to get married without getting engaged? It seems you guys are impatient.”
  • The voice stopped our kiss; I looked down in shame and awkwardness; Reyhan snorted in annoyance and sighed heavily.
  • “C’mon, Mom, what’s wrong?” Reyhan asked with annoyance. I peeked at Aunt Ramia from behind my eyelashes. The elegant woman in the black dress sighed.
  • “Your wedding is next week.”
  • Suddenly, I immediately raised my face to look at the woman. I was just about to protest, but Reyhan preceded me.
  • “It’s up to you, Mom,” said Reyhan .
  • Wait. WHAT??
  • Has he gone mad?? Oh no! What should I do?? My tongue is dry; I can only swear in my mind.
  • “Okay then, Mama will talk to Aunt Alina again to cancel the engagement and replace it with marriage,” said Aunt Ramia. I saw her smiling happily when the woman passed before us, and I turned to look at Reyhan .
  • “Why don’t you refuse?” I asked with a bit of annoyance. Why am I just a little annoyed?? What is wrong with me??
  • “I want you, Mikaila.”
  • I’m in shock; what did he say?? Does he want me?? But I don’t know him. It’s like bringing up a new puzzle for me.
  • “Why??” I asked again, and he smiled.
  • “You’ll find out later,” he said, and I felt there was something behind his smile and words.