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Love And Scars

Love And Scars

Sha Ron

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Mitchell's Love Life

  • ❣️TERRY'S POV❣️
  • I knew I had gone completely cräzy. I can't feel something stronger than a flaming desire for Mitchelle, she is stunningly beautiful, yes, but always in for séx.
  • She doesn't believe in the concept of marriage and there's no way she will ever love me.
  • She's with me because I'm good in bed and that's all she cares about, she's even careful not to get strings attached by constantly reminding me that I should be careful not to let a sperm in or miss using protections.
  • "Pregnancy is the last thing I want, not now, not ever!" she said seconds ago.
  • And now she's snoring softly beside me in my bed, I can't believe her freaking snores turn me on.
  • I planted a kiss on her cheek and she smiled dreamily, and turned slowly as if inviting me to repeat the same thing on the other cheek.
  • "Fair witch!" I murmured and left the bed. I went to the kitchen to make food for myself because I am famished.
  • My name is Terry Vicker. I'm 30 years old. Mother is a Nigerian and father a Ghanaian, but we all live in Nigeria. I am an app developer and a web designer.
  • Not too famous and wealthy, I have what my father calls "contented wealth" and I am living a good life after seeing that my dreams have all come true, maybe with the exception of the dream in my bed.
  • My looks would have pushed me to venture into modeling if I had listened to my peers and parents back then, but I do what I love doing and that makes me.
  • I am my own CEO, I have flashy cars, beautiful houses and I can get whatever I want, whenever I want them, but Mitchelle is the only treasure I will never buy with my money and that hurts.
  • Our relationship took off from 23rd March last year when I met her at an eatery. She accepted only when we agreed that no one was going to fall in love with the other and we are nothing more than bedmates.
  • It's been one year and a month in the relationship. I don't think she feels anything for me, but I have fallen deeply in love with her and I don't know what to do.
  • I made coffee and placed a call for breakfast to be delivered because I am too tired to cook. I drank my coffee and thought about how she would take it if I told her how I feel.
  • "Good morning, handsome" Her voice indulges into my brain every single time she speaks. I turned to see her standing right behind me smiling.
  • "Morning, sunshine. I didn't notice you enter. Did I disturb you?" I asked. She came over and pecked me.
  • "No, not at all. I guess the smell of coffee does strong things to my stomach," She confessed.
  • "Am also famished. I ordered for breakfast, let's wait for it over this coffee" I poured a mug of coffee for her too.
  • "Did Cindy call you?" She asked.
  • Cindy is her best friend, her tailor, hairdresser and make-up artist... maybe her everything since I can't take that place in her heart no matter how hard I try.
  • "I didn't see her call. Any problem?"
  • "No, babe. Don't worry, I will call her" she went back to the bedroom.
  • Minutes later, I came out of the shower to see that the home delivery had arrived. We had breakfast and we got ready for work.
  • I dropped her off at her workplace on my way to work as I always do when she sleeps over. She usually doesn't drive to my place with her car whenever she's spending the night.
  • My life was rotating without a single destination until I met her. I knew she was the one, but how to get her to accept...
  • I will keep trying to break her defenses and get into her heart and make her trust me enough to open up her heart to me.
  • As I stepped into my office, I got a call from my mother and you should know what African mothers would say to their thirty one year old only son that is still single.
  • It's no joke and I have to make a move fast before she gets a wife for me.
  • My life was a very simple one before Terry came in, I wasn't sure I could go into any sort of relationship after everything I have been through in the past, but Terry proved to be kind of different from the others.
  • He's cool, lovely and fun to be with, and dude is bam in bed, but I know that's just it between us, hot sèx and taking all we can because we are rolling on the same boat.
  • I care about him, I like him really so much. But I can't get too attached to him because I have nothing to offer him and I don't want to hurt him.
  • I deliberately avoid anything that will create another sort of bond between us that's not sex for the good of it, like cooking...yeah, I don't do that 'cause I know the way to a man's heart is food...good one.
  • Luckily for us, his younger sister comes around mostly every weekend to cook and refrigerate for him so he doesn't request it, I know he understands.
  • For a quick introduction, my name is Mitchelle Godson, a twenty six year old doctor that's in a complicated relationship...
  • Yeah, I think this relationship of mine is rather complicated. It's heading nowhere, and that's how I want it to remain.
  • I have a mother who was mentally ill before I turned 9 years old, so I can't proudly say I have a real family.
  • My father never wanted me, I was his mistake... Funny, I was going to jinx his life if he didn't push the stúpid woman that was pregnant with me away.
  • I had so many step fathers and that earned me a lot of step siblings... Who don't even give a fûck about me or anyone.
  • Do you know why? Because my mother is a very beautiful woman and men just won't let her be... The truth is she's beautiful but unlucky. She and I had seen roses and thorns.
  • Maybe she was cürsed or something and that cûrse is meant for all her descendants because my older sister had the same fate she had with men which led to her death and I was bound to walk in that same lane which I am trying as hard as I can to avert.
  • I read medicine and surgery, so as a doctor I can tell you that I am good with my work, I love it, my life is as perfect as I dreamt and I don't need any man to certify how complete and content I feel.
  • I went first into the children's ward and had a blissful time with them before I found my way to my office.
  • The day went well with people complaining, explaining, and all! I don't get hysterical or pissed off no matter what, I have gotten used to it.
  • So I literally listen and come up with solutions whenever I can. That's my job.
  • In the evening after closing for the day, I stopped at Cindy's to chill with my friend as usual before retiring completely for the day when I don't feel like going to Terry's house.
  • "Sorry, I forgot to call and update you on the party planning, I had a very bäd day" Cindy said first when she saw me.
  • "You always have a bäd day. Take it easy, sweetheart, you are overstressing yourself for nothing. I kinda feel bad that I had to add more work for you"
  • "No, it's nothing. The party planner is doing a great job, just trust me. And about the outfits, you will love it"
  • "I know you nah! Babe wey sabi. I need to check everything out to make sure..."
  • "Why, sure...we can go to her place this evening."
  • "Are you less busy?"
  • "Yeah, am free"
  • Two days from now, it's going to be Terry's birthday, I know he has everything and so there's nothing I could buy for him that he doesn't have, so a surprise party will be more fun.
  • We went to the party's venue and I saw that the lady hired for the job does her work very well. I spent time chatting with her and Cindy before I went home.
  • Do you want to know about my life at home? Nothing serious at all, just normal, cool, real shit... Terry really made my life fun and lively.
  • Why?
  • Because I go back home everyday to simply take a long bath, eat, sprawl myself in bed and sleep.
  • I don't like movies, I prefer reading some times before going to bed, but it's rare for me to find a book that interests me so I can't say it's a hobby.
  • I take strolls or jog some weekends, but I hate doing that not because I don't enjoy it, but for the fact that men won't mind their business. I gave up on that but I make do with the gym when I feel it's not crowded.
  • I can't tolerate their excesses! Men are scum, excluding my sweet Terry. Maybe there are others who are like him or better than him, but I don't know if I can be able to compare him to another.
  • He knows exactly how to treat a woman like a queen... He calls me first thing in the morning... that's after praying...he just doesn't fail to check up on me and give me space when I need it.
  • He knows me and he cares... That's all that matters, isn't it? Love, well... That particular word is what I don't take seriously especially when someone tries to convince me that it can actually lead to marriage... I don't need anything like love or marriage.
  • Will I ever consider that? That's still under 20% probability. Very low. Good.
  • He makes me smile, yeah, every little thing he does makes my heart warm and fearless, and I can swear to hear my heart beating whenever I hear his voice. I float in the air at the sight of him.
  • I might not particularly live a quiet life as I expected due to the nature of my job, yep, emergencies can come anytime.
  • It came in the middle of the night and I cursed my phone for ringing, I jumped out of bed and picked it anyway.
  • I was already throwing my clothes on when I said as hurriedly as the person at the other end, "Yes. Okay, I am on my way. Expect me in the next five minutes"
  • There's no way I will get a taxi at that ungodly hour, so I had to go with my car...