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Chapter 7 Refreshed

  • Wilbur could tell that Rachel seemed flustered, for her breathing was very much erratic right then.
  • Then again, it was understandable. This was her office, after all. It'd be strange if a woman like her could still maintain her composure in this situation.
  • Wilbur and Jane had been sleeping in different bedrooms for months. Throughout the entire period, Jane used the excuse of working overtime to come home late. Whenever Wilbur offered to pick her up, she would always refuse; she claimed that riding the electric motorcycle was freezing, so she would get a cab.
  • The last few months were torture to a man, especially one nearing his thirties and in his prime.
  • At the thought of Jane using the excuse of working overtime to be with Jackson in the night child care center, Wilbur flew into a rage.
  • Right now, he wanted to take this anger out on Rachel and have her compensate him on Jackson's behalf.
  • "You… You're a barbarian…"
  • In Rachel's many years of marriage with Jackson, he had always been a gentleman, causing her to think something like this should be refined.
  • However, Wilbur was now behaving like a barbarian, making her hard to accept it.
  • "You expect me to be a pretentious beast like Jackson? Sorry to break it to you, but I've always been this boorish."
  • At first, Rachel resisted it deep down, but with time, she discovered that this man was different. At the very least, the sensation he gave her was different from Jackson's.
  • While the clock in the office ticked away by the minute, Rachel gradually put her guard down and actually began enjoying the moment.
  • Wilbur, on the other hand, turned nervous when he heard Rachel's moans getting louder and louder.
  • "Adjust your breathing. You're moaning louder than I snore, and I'm sure your office isn't soundproof."
  • "Shut up, you a*shole!"
  • After snapping at Wilbur, Rachel realized she had gotten carried away and finally understood why he wanted her to bite on the desk—it was to prevent something like this from happening.
  • Since Wilbur's goal was to retaliate against Jackson, he naturally wouldn't do this hastily, finally letting Rachel go after a long time.
  • Rachel, having never experienced such rough sex, slumped onto the floor, well spent.
  • After sorting himself out, Wilbur walked to the water dispenser and downed a few cups of water using the disposable cup available.
  • Following that, he offered Rachel one while saying, "Have some water. Look, you're sweating buckets. I bet you're severely dehydrated."
  • Rachel glared at him in response, but she still took the cup of water from him.
  • Wilbur knew she was blaming him for retaliating too aggressively.
  • While he smugly grabbed some tissues from the desk, an operations proposal on the side caught his attention, and with that, he picked it up to check it out.
  • Meanwhile, Rachel finally regained enough strength to slowly stand up.
  • Upon catching what Wilbur was doing, she snatched the proposal and snapped at him, "Who gave you permission to touch my things? We're even now, so get the hell out of here. I don't want to see you ever again!"
  • To that, Wilbur smiled helplessly as he threw his hands up. "I've wrapped all these up with tissues, and I'll take them out for you later. I suggest you open the window and let some fresh air in. The smell of sex is quite strong, after all."
  • On the other hand, Rachel slumped back onto her chair, not sparing Wilbur another glance.
  • When Wilbur reached the door, he turned around and couldn't help wanting to advise Rachel, "There's a couple of issues with that proposal. There are two operating costs you can't set aside, or you won't achieve the desired results. Also, the overall focus of the proposal has strayed a little away from the theme. If you have the time, you should check it out yourself."
  • With that, he opened the door and left with a smug face.
  • Rachel locked her brows into a deep furrow in response and looked through the proposal again. When she thought back to what Wilbur had just said, he was right!
  • "Who'd have thought this a*shole is knowledgeable in this?"
  • Gradually, she discovered that she was feeling much more refreshed. If Rachel could describe it, she felt rather tranquil!