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Chapter 6 First Step of Revenge

  • To that, Rachel said coldly, "I'll only allow this once! If you dare threaten me with this again, I will mobilize all connections and financial resources to shut you up!"
  • Sure enough, a woman who could become Neptune's operations director was still ruthless.
  • Fear began creeping up on Wilbur when he saw how Rachel fixed her gaze on him coldly. After all, he was well aware that he would gain nothing in the end if he fell out with her.
  • Anyhow, at least he wouldn't be leaving without anything this time.
  • At that, he tucked away his smile and fixed his gaze coldly at Rachel as well. "Sure, go ahead and do as you say. However, I'm taking the reins now."
  • Rachel mulled over it for a while before agreeing in the end, nodding.
  • "You decide where and when. Alright, leave. I don't want to see you for another second."
  • Wilbur grinned maliciously in response, saying, "Why choose another date when I'm already here? I'm very much aware of my position, and I don't plan on reaching above my league toward a big shot like yourself. Besides, our paths won't often cross in the future. Why don't we get on with it now?"
  • "Now?"
  • A tinge of redness enveloped Rachel's face as she looked at Wilbur with incredulity, baffling him. Is she actually shy or looking forward to it?
  • Back in college, he had flipped through a few books about love when he was bored. As such, he knew a thing or two about men and women's mentality.
  • He was five years older than Jane, whereas Jackson owned a car and residence apart from being her wealthy, influential supervisor. Naturally, it was a no-brainer who Jane would pick.
  • As long as Jackson made a move, Jane wouldn't say no to him.
  • Rachel, on the other hand, was different. Apart from being hot, she had graduated from a prestigious university as a top student, and she was currently an operations director in a large corporate like Neptune.
  • For Jackson to go to Jane when he already had such an outstanding wife, one thing was obvious—their marriage was in discord.
  • He would even go as far as to say something about Rachel not being able to satisfy Jackson.
  • At first glance, he would assume Rachel had never truly experienced the happiness of a married couple.
  • "Why? Do you need to prepare yourself?" Wilbur asked teasingly, leading Rachel to look at him with despise. "Wait for me at Seascape Resort then. I'll go as soon as I'm all set," she said.
  • “Allow me to remind you, Miss Sadler. I said that I'll treat you like how your husband treated my wife, and I'm sure you can tell the video was shot in a public washroom."
  • Rachel got even more worked up upon hearing that. "No way! I'm not doing that!"
  • "I can still accept your office. Why don't we do it here then? It's a nice room, and it's rather spacious. Imagine the possibilities." At that, he grinned at her.
  • Then again, he was also well aware that there was no way she'd agree to this.
  • Sure enough, Rachel said no immediately.
  • "Either you wait for me at Seascape or leave now!"
  • "Since you've put it that way, I'll take my leave then." Wilbur nodded as he turned around. "What a shame. I haven't gotten the equality I was looking for. Since I have nothing to lose, I should just go to extremes then."
  • Rachel, on the other hand, panicked when she saw Wilbur heading toward the door.
  • It was her first time encountering such an incident, so she wasn't sure what to do.
  • Moreover, she had just become the operations director not too long ago. If this affected Neptune's reputation, she'd surely lose the position. By then, wouldn't have her efforts in the last few days been for nothing?!
  • "Alright, I'll… I'll do it. D-Don't you dare cross the line, though!"
  • Rachel balled her fists tightly as she bit her lower lip, indignant. She bit them so hard that they were beginning to bruise.
  • Seeing that he had won, Wilbur turned around and walked back to her, grinning maliciously as he said, "Turn around and bite your desk."
  • "Why should I bite my desk?" Rachel asked with a deep furrow.
  • However, Wilbur wasted no more time with her. He spun her around suddenly, beginning his revenge on Jackson…