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Chapter 3 Bargain

  • Serena shot right up from her seat and snapped as she pointed at Wilbur, "Wilbur Leeds, you disgusting swine. How dare you call yourself a man?!"
  • Wilbur, on the other hand, wasn't the least bit annoyed despite his slightly furrowed brows, smirking. "And someone like Mr. Mayhall is a real man to you? I didn't realize the standard you women have for real men has dropped to the point of seconds."
  • "You… Shut the f*ck up!"
  • Serena glared at Wilbur furiously, and he could see hostility surging beneath her eyes.
  • "Look at all the fine wrinkles on your face when you get mad. Honestly, I like you better when you smile. The way you smiled while biting your lower lip last night turned me on!"
  • "Your actions are illegal, you know? I can call the cops on you now!"
  • "Is that so? Well, give them a call. I can wait."
  • "Do you think I don't have the guts to do so?"
  • At that, she actually picked her phone up.
  • "I wonder… If I get nervous and accidentally send this recording to the company's group chat, how do you think everyone will react after seeing it?"
  • Upon hearing this, Serena put her phone back on the desk and stared coldly at him. "Alright, say it. How much do you want? However, you'd better not put the bite on me, or I'll drag you down with me!" she asked.
  • "I don't want money!" Wilbur smiled as he shook his head.
  • Serena locked her brows into a tight furrow reflexively, staring at him. "In that case, what do you want?"
  • "I want you!"
  • "Impossible. Don't even think about it!"
  • With that, Wilbur went around the left of the table to stand in front of Serena, leaning against her ear to whisper, "Are you sure you don't want to give yourself the chance to try me, a strong and young man when you can even accept an old guy like Trevor?"
  • Serena's face flushed instantly, and he knew she was giving it some thought.
  • For an independent woman who had been divorced for a few years, surely Trevor's twenty seconds of love wouldn't be enough to satisfy her.
  • Moreover, she was at the age where her sex drive was high.
  • Sometime later, Serena shoved him away while looking at him with a flushed face. "Don't even dream about it. I will never agree. Not… Not even if you're strong…"
  • Similarly, Wilbur knew it'd be impossible to have her throw herself at him when she had never even spared him a glance.
  • More haste, less speed. He'd have to take it slow.
  • At that, he went back around to the opposite side of the desk while saying gravely, "Since it's a no, we'll change the subject. From now on, I'll listen to you on the surface, but in reality, you'll actually be listening to me. If you can agree to this arrangement, then this recording will be just between the three of us."
  • "Even if I agree to it, do you think Trevor will spare you? Do you think you have anything against him when he can sit securely in his spot for so many years?"
  • Serena was telling the truth, for that old hag had some tricks up his sleeves.
  • However, Trevor feared his wife. She had come to throw a fuss a few years back, claiming that Trevor was keeping a woman in the office. The way she caused a scene even dumbfounded Trevor completely.
  • It even affected the company's reputation, causing Trevor to nearly lose his position as a departmental director. Thus, he was now apprehensive of his wife discovering his shenanigans outside.
  • Wilbur smirked in response and said, "You don't have to worry about this, and you just have to agree to my demands. By the way, tell Trevor that I've already put the recording into the cloud, and I'll have to log in to a locked account to verify the password every noon. Tell him he'd better not get any ideas, or this recording will get to everyone if something happens to me."
  • After mulling over it for some time, Serena still agreed to Wilbur's demand.
  • When Wilbur was about to leave, he grinned at her and added, "See the clock on the wall? I can take you on a ride as the minute hand turns full circle. Are you sure that you don't want to experience it?"