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Chapter 14 Toxic Sibling Relationship

  • "Alright, if you say so. The milkshake here is great, and you should try it."
  • Wilbur nodded at that and took a couple of sips of the milkshake. Catherine was right; it was way better than others out there, a league of its own.
  • After that, he began chatting with the Lyons again.
  • After leaving Casterie, Wilbur drove the mother and son home to Sanlow's most expensive river-facing apartment complex—Sanlow Condo!
  • Catherine invited Wilbur to have a sit upstairs after he parked the car. However, he turned her down.
  • "Thanks, Catherine, but I'm sure you're exhausted. I won't bother you any longer. You should go up and rest. I have an engagement at night, and I have to go now."
  • "Okay then. Why don't you come to my office tomorrow at ten with the contract?"
  • "Catherine, I…"
  • "Don't get me wrong. I didn't decide to sign the deal because you helped us out or that Marcus approves of you. I value character very much, and I can see the optimism in your eyes—it's untainted."
  • Catherine's words thrilled Wilbur. Who'd have thought he managed to bag the deal with just one trip? What dumb luck!
  • "I'm glad that I got your recognition. I'll see you tomorrow then."
  • "Sure, see you tomorrow."
  • Marcus bid Wilbur farewell too. "Goodbye, Sir!"
  • "See you, Marcus!"
  • Meanwhile, emotions began rippling deep within Catherine as she watched Wilbur's retreating figure.
  • Though she was a rational, independent woman, she had gotten physically and mentally exhausted having to raise Marcus alone while dealing with everything in the company all these years. Likewise, she longed to have a man she could lean on.
  • Even so, she continued to be rational, for men in the business world were masters of façade.
  • Wilbur, on the other hand, didn't have many thoughts about Catherine. He just wanted her to sign the deal.
  • After all, it'd be a slap in the face if he couldn't seal the deal when he had snatched this case from Zeke.
  • After exiting Sanlow Condo, he had to walk another ten or twenty minutes before he finally managed to hail a taxi back to the school Marcus was studying.
  • It was already 6.00PM now. He'd have to hurry up and get to Jane's parents' home to see what were they up to this time.
  • Wilbur arrived on his electric motorcycle half an hour later. After parking it, he rushed to the elevator.
  • Jane had so generously financed her parents so that they could live in a mid-rise while he and Jane were still living in a walk-up. Most of the money she had provided came from him buttering up clients, and yet, he didn't even get a single word of thanks. How f*cking depressing was that?!
  • After arriving at the Walschs' unit while sweating profusely, Wilbur pressed the doorbell a couple of times before the door finally opened.
  • The person who greeted him was his mother-in-law, who took a despising glance at him before walking away.
  • Despite being annoyed, Wilbur still squeezed a smile out, closing the door behind him as he entered.
  • "Sorry for being late, Mom and Dad. I had an appointment with a client in the afternoon."
  • "Well, come and sit down." Jane looked toward him with despise. "We've been waiting for you for over an hour. You're just a stupid salesman, yet you're even busier than a boss."
  • Wilbur was pissed off by her remark. Nonetheless, he held back his anger since he was getting hungry and had to eat first.
  • Over dinner, he asked the Walschs the reason they had called him and Jane over.
  • To that, Jane's brother spoke to Wilbur in an irritable tone. "I'm about to propose to my girlfriend, but her parents will only allow us to get married if we have a place of our own. As such, I want to borrow some money from you guys," said Lucas.
  • F*cking hell, it was about money again. He knew it! This family never called him over for anything good.
  • "That's good news! It's about time you have your own family. Indeed, we should help you out. I just got my salary for the month, and there's six thousand in total. I'll transfer it all to you when I go home."
  • Livid, Lucas hit the roof and shot up from his seat. He pointed at Wilbur and snapped, "Who do you think you are? Are you f*cking brushing a beggar off?!"
  • "Are you not one?" Wilbur retorted, staring coldly at him.