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Chapter 54

  • Juliette Pov
  • “I swear I’ll just slam my head against the damn wall until I die or I’ll just get inside this fucking phone and kill the damn fucking man on the other end by strangling his neck with the damn ear cords or the phone charger!” Kiara yelled at the top of her voice as she paced around my room holding her still ringing phone in her hand.
  • The anonymous is still after Kiara.
  • “Oh C’mon! You just keep on ignoring him. What if he is your prince charming? Why don’t you go and meet him?” I said as I filed my nails using the filer.
  • “Prince charming my ass!” she cursed as she clawed the backside of the phone cover and took the battery out.
  • “Damn!” I chuckled at her behavior.
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