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Chapter 53

  • A gust of wind went past me hitting my face in the process. A small smile appeared on my lips as I turned a little to look behind to find my girls taking pictures on the roadside. Marianna decided to take a little break since Tess has been riding continuously for hours. We saw a meadow and that was when we thought about parking the car on the roadside and to enjoy the scenery for a little while. After taking the pictures, I decided to walk crossing the road to the other side where I stood under a tree looking at the vast ocean of sunflowers. As far as my eyes could see, the only thing I could see was the bobbing head of the sunflowers.
  • “Guys look there!” I could hear Eve shouting from across the road towards my direction.
  • “Oh wow!”
  • “C’mon let’s go there!”
  • Without a warning four of them ran past me into the field not even caring about any snake or insects which could cause them harm. They went directly into the middle and soon enough began to take pictures.
  • “Hey Juliette,” I heard Kiara calling me and I looked up at her direction where she stood next to Eve and Marianna waving at me to join them.
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