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Chapter 38

  • Juliette Pov
  • “So you knew everything!” I said while Zachary drove us back to his mansion.
  • As I had expected. No reply from his side. He must be thinking, I am so stupid. He must be laughing at my fate internally. It’s not even his fault. Who wouldn’t laugh at me?
  • What a life I have. Amazing! Had I ever imagined my life to be so messed up ever? What I had thought and what has happened, totally no control over my life. All I have been doing is crying. Why did I even let this happen to me at the first place? This is only because of me. I should have been more cautious. I should have been more guarded about the things that had been happening around me. How could I not see worried eyes of my parents? Why did I not get the hint when dad told me that he didn’t really like Emmett? Everyone was so right about Emmett that he didn’t seem a good person to them. Why was I the only blind one?
  • I sighed rubbing the bridge of my nose in aggravation. My state has been worsening day by day and I didn’t really blame anyone but me. But what dad has done, I can’t really ignore it. Sure, he did it for me for our family but he took every decision by himself. He even took my life’s decision. We could have done something else. What am I even talking about?
  • Why? Just why am I the only person in the world to have such a complicated life?
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