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Chapter 31

  • Willi Pov
  • “I should have known,” snarled Nicholas while I smirked at his bloodied condition.
  • “You know what? You are seriously an ungrateful bastard! Just count how many times had I saved you. It will be countless but here you are being ungrateful and snarling at your savior. Without me you are nothing! If it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead a long time ago but here you are handcuffed to the bed while I wrap new bandage om your body. Geez! I wish I could ever do anything else rather than saving your sorry ass every day and night.”
  • “Watch your mouth!” he sneered which irritated me. I applied too much pressure on his shoulder where Zachary’s bullet hit him previously and as the wound was still raw he winced in pain and glared at me which earned him a sly grin from my side.
  • “I should have known. You traitor!” he said and coughed a little.
  • I laughed a little and tied the bandage before getting off the stool and walking towards the sink.
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