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Chapter 25

  • Juliette Pov
  • I dressed even though the only thing that I ever wanted to run away, very far away from where there was no link to the mafia. But I doubt Zachary would ever let me go away this easily.
  • He would make sure to make his men follow my butt until they find me and drag back to him. Ironically, if I get back he won’t even do anything to me. He will only put me into house arrest.
  • Strange! As much strange this sounds but that man never put his hands on me let alone harass me. So, as I had eavesdropped beforehand in that strange room, I got to know that there is a man named Nicholas who wants me dead and Zachary is trying to find him but in the same way, he is even trying to protect me.
  • “Why is he protecting me?” I wondered.
  • I was sure, one and hundred percent sure that he wasn’t involved anything but romantically with me. Sure, he saved me but it was only because he was trying to save but my question is why?
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