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Chapter 50

  • Juliette Pov
  • People went past me as I walked down the five-foot way towards the bus stop. Out in Melbourne, I inhaled in the air as I walked towards the stop hoping to catch a bus to the State Library of Victoria. Catching the glimpse of the bus that was going to stop in the stop, I hurried my pace and thankfully I became the second person to climb the bus stair out of all those people who crowded behind me for the bus. I took the second-row seat of the bus as it looked it was the only vacant seat and slipped to the window side looking out of the running bus.
  • Four months has passed since I moved back with Dad to New York and then just in two weeks I ended up deciding that I would be shifting to Melbourne, Australia with Kiara away from all those painful and stinging memories of both the man whom I dedicated my heart. I still don’t blame them but myself because I knew I was the only one to be blamed for all those things that happened in my life.
  • Firstly, I still can’t believe how could I ever fell in love with a fake person and secondly, I was dumb enough to fall in love once again with a person who looked at me because I was only one of his responsibility or should I say a deal to which he was bound to look after. But foolishly enough, even though I knew that I managed to get my already broken heart into pieces when I could have taken some time and mend it back but curse my fate for making me fall head over heels over a man who never really thought of me more than a deal.
  • I pressed the bell of the bus when I saw my destination and as the bus came to a halt I walked down the stairs and walked towards the library. It turns out that moving to Melbourne with Kiara turned out to be the best decision that I have ever taken in my life. Away from my home, away from my relatives sympathetic glances because they still think I was the victim in that marriage and most importantly away from those memories of where I met both of them for the first time in my life. Though the second one was more dramatic and convincing of how my life has turned out after all that.
  • Kiara and my mom have been supporting me whilst dad still keeps on ranting that his decision to bring me back away from all those criminals was correct. He has decided that he won’t ever put his foot back in that dark world for it brought nothing but pain to his beloved. That is the reason when I first told him that I wanted to move with Kiara to Melbourne, he was the first one to support me in my decision and he helped me shift. Even though it’s been four months but still I just can’t forget anything. His face, smile, eyes has just plastered in my mind and it’s like no matter how much I tried to forget him but it always happens the opposite.
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