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Chapter 36

  • Juliette POV
  • When I got back inside the room I went directly to my suitcase and got my sleep wears out of it. After changing into my blue shirt and full pants. I lied down on the bed and waited for sleep to overtake me. Moments from the morning came flooded into my mind. I tossed around in the bed hoping that if I slept I would no longer have to bear the pain that I was suffering but unfortunately nothing seemed to be working because I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all. So, I got up and sat on the bed for some minutes. I didn’t even have a phone to pass some time.
  • My eyes fell on the clock that was on the opposite wall. Half past one in the midnight.I sighed and thought about walking inside the room for some while till I feel sleepy. Getting up from the bed, I went to the other side of the partition only to notice the door. Then I thought about getting some fresh air from the balcony.
  • I went there and opened the door to the balcony. As soon as I did that my hair blew backward because of the cold breeze that hit me on my face. I felt relieved and took in a deep breath to control my nerves. The scenery was beautiful from the balcony. We were away from the main city but still, I could see lights from where I stood. The mansion was surrounded by trees as if an attempt to remain hidden.
  • There was a small table with two chairs on the side of the balcony. I went there and took a seat on the chair and sat for some minutes feeling the cold air relaxing my tense nerves until I felt sleepy. A yawn escaped my mouth as I stretched my arms in the air and got up from the chair. Making sure, that I closed the balcony’s door I went back to the other partition of the room and lied down on the middle of the king sized bed sprawling my hands and legs in all direction before drifting off to sleep.
  • I tossed around but couldn’t, I felt as if I was caged or being stopped from tossing around. It somehow made me suffocated. Moaning and groaning in irritation and my eyes blinked several times adjusting to the light. Stretching my arms in the air, I tried to get up when I realized something on my torso.
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