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Chapter 16

  • Juliette Pov
  • I looked around at my surrounding. What I could only see was sand and only sand. I was sweating and the only thing which I wanted was to drink a glass no a gallon of water. I was that thirsty.
  • A moan escaped my mouth and groaning my eyes fluttered open. I tried to sit and leaned against the headboard. Last night events rushing into my mind. All I could remember was coming back into the room and taking medicines before passing out on the bed.
  • I looked towards the nightstand to find a glass filled with water. Feeling blessed, I took the glass and gulped down the water immediately getting relief from the burning sensation and thirst.
  • “Thank God,” I said and kept the glass back on the nightstand.
  • “Juliette?” I heard the door knock and mom poked her head asking me if she could come in.
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