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Chapter 9 A Trip To Elora

  • It was past eleven when they finally reached Elora, in front of her grandma's house. It took them one and half an hour to reach there. Liam parked the car in front of Marielle's house and before he could say anything Celeste was already out of the car. He saw her running straight in the house. He shook his head and got out of the car. They took the gifts he brought for Celeste's grandma and moved towards the entrance.
  • Celeste was so excited to meet her grandma that she forgot that Liam was also with her. She rang the doorbell and waited a few moments before someone opened the door. It was Asher, their neighbor's 6 years old son. She and her grandma occasionally babysitted him. His parents were both surgeons and he was an only child.
  • "Celeste, you?!" Asher asked, surprised. Celeste smiled brightly at him.
  • "Hi Asher. How are you?" Celeste asked while ruffling his hair to annoy him. She and Asher always had a sweet sour relationship. They always bickered like siblings which was adorable.
  • "I'm fine. Marielle didn't tell me you were coming." Just when the kid finished his sentence Marielle's voice was also heard.
  • "Who is it, Asher?" Marielle asked as she came out of the kitchen. She had heard the doorbell rang and knew Asher went to answer the door. When she heard voices outside after a while she came to check the guest. She was truly surprised to find that it was her beloved granddaughter she was missing for the past two weeks. She hadn't seen her properly for almost one month. It was the first time they had spent so much time without each other.
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