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Chapter 17 His Family Became Hers

  • Liam rang the doorbell and they both waited for someone to open the door for them. Soon one of the mansion's helpers opened the door for them and then greeted them with a smile. Liam nodded at him with a smile while Celeste greeted the middle aged man enthusiastically.
  • Hearing their voice, Clarissa who was working in the kitchen came out to check. Her face immediately bloomed into a beautiful smile when she found her son and daughter in law moving in the living room.
  • "Celeste! Liam! You guys are here!" She beamed in happiness. Celeste turned back hearing Clarissa's voice, smiled immediately and ran into Carissa's arms to hug her.
  • "Mom! I missed you so much!" She said while hugging Clarissa like a baby. Clarissa smiled while hugging her back.
  • "I missed you too. I'm glad you guys came." Clarissa said while breaking the hug.
  • "Hey mom." Liam moved forward to hug his mom. Clarissa smiled brightly while hugging her son back and giving his back a light slap.
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