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Chapter 47 Meeting Shawn

  • Celeste was engrossed in cooking in the kitchen while humming a Shania Twain's song when all of sudden two hands wrapped around her waist and hugged her from the behind. For a moment Celeste was startled but soon she relaxed when she recognised the familiar touch.
  • "Liam! What are you doing? Can't you see I'm cooking? Let me go." Celeste said while trying to free herself from Liam's grip.
  • "No. Let me just hold you for a second." Liam said while making his grip tight on her and burying his head in her neck.
  • "Ok. The breakfast is almost ready. I will just serve it in a while." Celeste said while tasting her porridge.
  • Perfect. She thought.
  • "Ok. Let me help you." Liam said with a smile while freeing Celeste from his grip and serving a few dishes with her. That's when Celeste noticed he was all dressed up in his office clothes, ready to go.
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