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Chapter 39 A Place She Once Called Home

  • "Where are we going?" Celeste asked Liam for the third time. But like the previous two times he still didn’t answer her.
  • "You will get to know soon." He simply said while focusing on driving the car. Celeste let out a sigh while turning her head towards the car window. She slowly leaned on it while looking outside towards the passing scenery.
  • That morning Liam came knocking to her door and informed her to get ready with her things as they will be returning home. Celeste nodded as she thought they would be returning to Ontario but she was proved wrong when Liam started to drive the car. He didn’t take them towards the airport instead he started to drive towards some other direction which Celeste had yet to recognise.
  • To be honest Celeste didn’t want to stay in Toronto anymore. She just wanted to go back to Ontario, stay away from Rodriguez. The old memories already started to give her pain. She didn’t want to break down again. She knew she wasn’t lucky and God would never be on her side. So she had to do everything to protect her mind and her heart which still beat for Liam. Celeste was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she failed to recognise the familiar route to the penthouse which she once shared with Liam.
  • All of sudden the car came to a halt and stopped right away making Celeste come back from her day dream.
  • "We are here." Liam said while unbuckling his seat belt. Celeste nodded and unbuckled her seat belt too before both of them got out of the car. As Celeste looked around, she felt her heart slowly stop beating. This place!
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