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Chapter 38 The Familiar Scenarios

  • After walking through the long corridor Celeste finally reached the room which she had long used as hers. She slowly pushed open the door and made her way inside the room and pushed open the door. She slowly entered the room and closed the door behind her back.
  • It wasn’t Liam's room but it was the room she stayed in when she had first come into this house two years ago to be Liam Rodriguez's bride.
  • Contract bride to be exact. Celeste roamed her eyes through the familiar furniture and decoration.
  • Two years ago she came here to be Liam's wife and this time she again came but as his ex wife.
  • How ironic!
  • Celeste heaved a sigh and shook her head to get rid of the unwanted thoughts. She was really tired and she didn’t want to remember those old memories which will give her nothing but pain.
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