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Chapter 15 His Anger And Disappointment

  • As the clock kept going forward and soon the lunch break came. Celeste lazily got up from her seat and started gathering things in her purse to go to the nearest cafe to eat her lunch. She didn't eat much at breakfast so she was very hungry. When she came out of her office room she found Diana already standing at the entrance, waiting for her. Diana noticed Celeste's presence and waved at her happily. Celeste smiled before making her way towards her.
  • "Where's Louisa?" Celeste asked as soon as she reached where Diana was waiting for her. Diana frowned before answering.
  • "I don't know. I haven't seen her since morning." Diana replied while keeping her phone in her purse. Celeste frowned and nodded before they both started moving towards the exit.
  • "Do you have any plans for tonight?" Diana asked Celeste while walking through the streets. Celeste thought for a moment before answering.
  • "No. Why?" She asked as they soon entered the cafe and sat on their usual seat. Diana didn’t speak up til she sat down opposite to Celeste. She lazily kept her bag on the table and then looked at Celeste with a grin on her face. Celeste stared at her with a confused expression.
  • "Let's go to the spa tonight. I have booked two appointments. Tomorrow is Saturday and the next day is your birthday. So you deserve a little pampering." Diana finished her sentence by pulling Celeste's both cheeks in the end.Celeste smiled and agreed. She was happy that in the small span of time she and Diana bonded so well and Diana cared for her. She was grateful to her.
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